Leadership: The Catalyst of Your Legacy

"The greatest misconception about leadership is that you need to have a position to be a leader"

The greatest misconception about leadership is that you need to have a position to be a leader. Every single person is a leader in some area of life and has an influence on others. But that influence does not always come naturally and must be constantly cultivated through understanding, self-awareness, and desire to leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone we interact with. In this session, we will start with WHY it is important to develop our leadership by building a foundational understanding of leadership and influence. Armed with that understanding, we will move into WHAT are the two qualities of an effective leader are and how they reflect in your leadership style. And lastly, we will talk about HOW the greatest leaders create their legacy with the use of the L.O.V.E acronym. 

To grow your organization, you must first grow yourself, then grow your people - organizational growth will follow as a result. As John C. Maxwell says, “Leadership is developed daily, not in a day” so let’s start TODAY!


  • Main difference between management and leadership
  • Insights into influence
  • Relationship between leadership and effectiveness – both personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Two important qualities of a leader and how these qualities impact your leadership style
  • The Greatest “L” of Leadership defined through the acronym of L.O.V.E.

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Lillit Cholakian, MBA, DTM, CPC
Founder & CEO at NewGen Global Leaders


Lillit L. Cholakian is an Executive Coach and Corporate Facilitator. Building people and profits by creating transformational behavior change and lasting results is her expertise. Lillit’s passion is elevating, empowering, and enriching the lives of leaders locally and around the world. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Corporate Facilitator of Integrity Serivce®, Integrity Selling®, and Integrity Coaching® programs in partnership with IntegrityAtl and Integrity Solutions. Together we are building people and profits with integrity!

She is the Founder of NewGen Global Leaders on a mission of developing self-aware, conscious, mindful, and evolved leaders across all generations who truly value and add value to people. Lillit is also an Executive Director with the Maxwell Leadership Team and is serving on President’s Advisory Council for youth content development. She is honored to be a member of the Forbes Coaches Council since 2020 and being featured in their numerous publications sharing her expertise. 

Lillit has a double major Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems & Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Cal State University, Northridge. This set her up for success in building and running a business in the medical x-ray field while transitioning it into the era of new digital technology in the Radiology Industry. Being a female minority in this technical x-ray equipment field, she successfully led and transitioned hundreds of Southern California medical office doctors and staff to digital radiology with her skilled mentorship and training in digital x-ray equipment. Today many of her customers refer to her as “the bridge” due to her ability to understand the technical lingo and communicate it to the end-user in a language that helps them easily understand and integrate it into their everyday practice.

But above all, she is a proud mother of two beautiful, bright, compassionate, selfless, and caring daughters who have been her inspiration and drive to create a better world for all, today and for future generations!


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July 27, 2022
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