Webinar - Reopening the Hospitality Industry: What You Need to Know!

While the Hospitality Industry is navigating their path towards a reopening there is uncertainty about when the hospitality & travel industry will be fully operational again. 

During this zoom webinar, we will cover best practices for what we should expect from employees to employers and the new challenges that will face the hospitality industry.  California has always been a leader in new changes that will adapt to the rest of the country. This Zoom webinar brings the top Industry leaders in Law and Insurance to help all of us during this extraordinary time.

In April 2020, hospitality & leisure experienced the largest decline in employment in California.  It is now estimated that indemnity claims frequency in California could increase by 40% following COVID-19, negatively impacting workers’ compensation costs and hitting the hospitality industry hard.  It will take fine manipulation to curb these costs which can be done with the right strategy, people, and resources.  Please join us to learn about:

  • Workers Compensation Trends Impacting Hospitality
  • Why a 40% increase in indemnity claims frequency is anticipated
  • New Challenges for hospitality
  • What actions can the hospitality industry take now to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation in the future          
  • Hotel reopening considerations to protect against employment liability
  • Communications with employees returning to work
  • What managers should understand
  • When employers must provide reasonable accommodations for employees during the reopening (and what issues must be accommodated)
  • Overview of federal, state, and local laws that could apply to your hotel during the reopening

Webinar Panelists

Martin Flannery, MBA, WCCA, WCCP
Vice President and Regional Sales Development Manager
HUB International Insurance Services, Inc.

Martin Flannery is an accomplished risk manager and insurance broker specializing in the hospitality industry.  With close to 30 years of full time, cross-functional Property & Casualty Insurance and Global Risk Management experience, Martin is best known for his unique skill-set which he developed over many years working as a claims adjuster, underwriter and risk manager.  Martin’s technical expertise in insurance and hands-on experience in loss mitigation and claims management sets him apart in the marketplace.

Working with businesses through their highs and lows has provided Martin with a deep understanding of what works well for small and large organizations.  He understands the obstacles each one faces and the security that good risk control and insurance provides. Martin is proud to have the opportunity to help the hospitality industry overcome their risk management challenges. He holds himself to the standard that risk managers and insurance brokers need to be the best in their field to help businesses reach their financial goals.

Anthony Zaller, Esq.
Employment Law Attorney
Zaller Law Group, PC

Anthony Zaller, Esq. is a California employment defense attorney with a primary focus on employment law and start-up legal issues. He has an extensive litigation background defending wage and hour class actions involving meal and rest breaks, unpaid wages, unreimbursed business expenses, misclassification of exempt employees and independent contractors, intellectual property issues, and unfair competition. I also litigate cases involving embezzlement, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other employment law claims. I counsel large companies and start-ups in various industries, such as tech, restaurant, hotel. One of his many new interests is in the legal developments regarding employees' use of social media.


Craig Carbonniere
Senior Director of Sales
Milestone, Inc.

Craig Carbonniere is a 15+ year hotel industry veteran and Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) who brings a comprehensive management background when consulting for lodging partners, travel brands, and industry associations throughout North America. With executive-level experience in hotel operations, revenue management, sales, and marketing, I implement holistic programs to achieve sustainable revenue growth and return on investment (ROI) for my clients. Before becoming a supplier, I spent 10 years managing various hospitality disciplines for Grand Pacific Resorts, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and The Walt Disney Company.


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June 17, 2020
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